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Coaching Testimonials

Here is what some of my coaching clients have said about working with me:

“LeeAnn is an inspiring coach. Her calm, grounded and intuitive way of coaching gets me to clearly focus on the core of the matter and come up with the essence of what is important to me.”  ~ CS

“With LeeAnn’s coaching I am able to think outside the box. Her coaching and relationship skills really help me to be a much more powerful person in my decisions, my language, and being clear about my life.”  ~ LG

“LeeAnn is very professional and uses her abilities to guide me away from "beating around the bush" to "getting down to business." LeeAnn also helps me envision where I am at the present and turn that into where I want to go in the future.”   ~ SP

“LeeAnn is a very talented coach. She is passionate in her belief that the client is capable of creating the life they want, and the results of our coaching are a great reflection of that.”  ~ PM

“LeeAnn listens really well and gets what I'm saying, where I want to go, and what I want from the coaching. She provides a gentle, loving framework for me to create that which I desire.”  ~ GR

Workshop Testimonials

Here is what participants in various workshops have said about their personal experience:

“The workshop with LeeAnn has helped me to get clear about my dreams and priorities, and do the work needed to make them happen. Knowing who I am, what I value most, and where I want to go has been the key to getting there.”  ~ LG

“The value of the training in my life is immense. The class provided a totally safe environment to share what I needed to. I came away feeling grounded; with tools to manage my life and a way to manage situations before I even get into them which makes me feel certain and self-confident.”  ~ SN

“Not only did the light go on over my head, but the whole chandelier! What I realized is that although I am a responsible person, I wasn’t taking responsibility for my true life. To be successful I need to make different choices and make changes.”  ~ AH

“Thank you so much for providing this valuable training. I feel so lucky to have been given the space to really see what gets in my way and take action to change this pattern in my life.”  ~ LK

“The workshop was great. I highly recommend it, particularly if you want to get clarity about any area in your life or a future endeavor.”  ~ AP

“I felt fully taken care of, able to be who I am and contribute fully and freely, and able to be open and vulnerable in my own learning. The leaders held the space, stayed on focus with the material, and shared themselves generously. What more could anyone ask?”  ~ HR


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