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What Can I Expect from a Workshop?

Each workshop is designed with a specific focus and set of intended teachings for the participants. The material is presented using a variety of educational methods including lecture format, individual and group exercises, guided visualizations, paired or group sharing, question and answer sessions, etc.

Workshop details are designed in order to meet the specific needs of the group or organization interested in hosting a workshop. Workshops can range from a few hours to a full weekend, or can be delivered as a series that spans over a few weeks or months. Workshops can be done for as few as six and as many as one hundred participants. Sometimes these workshops are delivered exclusively by me, and sometimes other professionals are brought in to co-facilitate a workshop. Workshop fees are established based upon the length and location of the workshop, the content of the workshop, and the number of participants and facilitators. Details are determined when a workshop is initially designed, and are included in the agreement with the workshop host.

Workshop Topics

The topic and content of a workshop are generally tailored to the needs of the group for whom the workshop is designed. Topics which may be included are:

Life Purpose Creative Visualization
Finding Fulfillment Values Clarification
Developing Authenticity Goal Setting
Improving Relationships Establishing Priorities
Life Balance Systems for Success
Manifesting Your Dreams Qualities of a Leader
Vision Writing    

Workshops by Phone

Groups may choose to hold their workshops by phone instead of in person. This allows for people from different geographic areas to participate without having to travel, and can often be a very cost effective way to work together. These phone workshops can be held as a one-time event or a workshop series that spans over a few weeks or months.

Please contact me if you would like to schedule a workshop or discuss workshop options for your group or organization.

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